Civil Engineering

The motive to start this branch is to develop entrepreneur, civil engineers & consultants who design and built civil works to make a world more aggressive. The career as an engineer is very much bright in this field. The civil engineer can work as a site engineer, structural designer, planner, estimator and valuer.

The Department has full fledged laboratories offering students the hands on experience and research facilities. These laboratories are equipped with modern instruments which meet not only the requirement of the curriculum but also helpful in consultancy work. This is the broad field of engineering that deals with the planning, constructions and maintenance of permanent structures such as air ports, bridges, canals, dams, docks, harbors, coastal protections, hotels power stations, railways and roads.

To provide quality education we have qualified and experienced faculty member of different specialization, mainly in Structural Engineering, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering and are also engaged in R&D and consultancy activities. The department is having following laboratories at present.

* Surveying Lab

* Concrete Technology Lab

* Strength of Material Lab

* Hydraulics Lab

* CAD Lab

* Applied Mechanics Lab