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Chairman's Message

Approvals & Affiliations


logo3Government of India, All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi

logo13Directorate of Technical Education,Maharashtra State, Mumbai(MH)

logo1Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai (MH)

logo12TUV NORD ISO 9001 Certified Institute



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Chairman's Message

Mr. Basawaraj Mangrule, Chairman Shreeyash Pratishthan

As we move on ,from century of specialization and technique -to century of connectivity and relationship, along with every other profession and institution in our society. Technical education is also being asked to justify its usefulness to society.Our College aims at providing service to all communities by inculcating the spirit of leadership qualities, through the noble values of devotion discipline, politeness, tolerance and culture in the minds of our students. In the light of globalization of Indian economy and capitulation of Indian brands, it is imperative for fu
ture leaders to be aware of ground realities so that theay can face with confidence in the emerging global challenges of international markets.

Our mission is to disseminate high quality technical education among the youth and inculcate values and ethics. In pursuit for excellence our purpose is to further to practice technical education, research and science. Our faculty and research, teaching and service reflect core assets of Shreeyash Pratishthan.

Our primary purpose is to enhance the professional life of students and through them improve the organizations they lead. We support our students to understand how the better life of the society can influence the peoples well-being and what is the real meaning and value of social and mental wellness for the humanity and to make the students proud of their deep rooted ethos,the ancient Indian culture.

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