Computer Engineering

The Department of computer Engineering is having state-of-art facilities for individual students to complete the assignments, practical projects of the curriculum. Every student is allotted an individual computer system. The department has a young talented team of faculties and well established labs.

The internet and other emerging technologies have created a world of opportunity in this field. It is now a preferred career option for students in all sectors like internet; management information system, crime detecting, medical diagnoses, and defense are based on computer Tech. The computer lab is fully equipped with latest technology in computer field. High configuration & LAN is the strength of the Computer lab. For any revolution to make an impact, computer engineering holds the key.

Career Opportunities: Computer Engineering is the study and the science of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer system. All sectors like Management Information system, Crime Detection, Medical, Defense are based on Computer Technology.
The Computer Engineers can work as a Software engineer, Hardware Engineer, Network Administrator, Web Developer, Graphics Designer..