Electrical Engineering

Electrical Branch opens up excellent scope for ‘New Avenues’ for adaptation and thus enables pursuit of hi-tech Specialization. Shreeyash Polytechnic as an Engineering educator and leading partner in academics promotes the development and growth of effective, efficient and true EEP Professionals, through adherence of the highest standards of academic integrity and overall ethical conduct, to inculcate a sense of individual responsibility and also to collectively participate in reinforcing and maintaining an environment of honor, trust and standards.

The field of Electrical, Electronics Engineering is the place to be in, for those who love working with electrical systems ranging from heavy power generators to the smallest of micro-chips.Per capita consumption of electricity is still a measure of any country’s development. The fast depletion of fossil fuels and degradation of environment has opened the doors for clean and non-conventional energy resources. Further, the ever growing demand for power and the integration of utilities into national grids brings in complexities that today’s engineer should be equipped to meet.

It has the primary obligation and responsibility to realize and meet the compelling necessity and urgency of human resource for wide ranging, challenging and fast growing Global demands for EEP graduates.